WSI, Weather 2000 Forecast Different Winters

DANVERS, MA (Natural Gas Intelligence) -- January 6, 2003 --

Concluding "Let's talk about the Weather Week," WSI Corp. and New York-based Weather 2000 chimed in Friday with their takes on what Mother Nature has in store for the Lower 48 over the next three months. While Weather 2000's forecast tended to trend with forecasts released by Salomon Smith Barney and the National Weather Service for colder than normal weather through much of the country except the West, WSI's differed in seeing warmer than normal temps across the northern tier.


Weather 2000 -- which called October through December pretty closely -- also weighed in on the forecast debate. "We believe there is still a sizeable part of the eastern half of the nation that could see below normal temperatures, not only October through December like we already said, but also January February, March April and even into May," said Weather 2000's Michael Schlacter. "Generally speaking, we think that east of the Mississippi River has good chances of seeing below normal temperatures going forward."

As for west of the Mississippi, Schlacter said el Nino is going to be playing a larger role. "It's going to be a very tricky line as you approach the Midwest," Schlacter said. "New York, Philadelphia, DC, Charolotte and Atlanta, I could probably take a very-very strong stance that there is a good chance of colder than normal temperatures for January, February and March." The forecaster said questions about cities like Cincinnati and Detroit become trickier, but he still leans towards cool, while questions about Dallas, St. Louis and Chicago are too tough to call.


- Excerpted from NGI's Daily Gas Price Index

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