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Agriculture, Commodities & Livestock

Weather Risk Management for

Specific items of interest

  • Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Soybeans & Sugar
  • Wine, Viticulture & Grapes
  • Grains & Feedgrains
  • Honey & Syrups
  • Livestock & Derived Products
  • Corn Ethanol
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Oranges & Citrus fruits
    • Citrus Greening
  • Orchard Crops and Foliage
  • Vegetables, Beans & Legumes
Flood Crops

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Other Information

Research, Analysis and Forecast Services out 1 year
  • Temperature - Extreme Heat, Frost & Freeze potential
  • Precipitation - Quantity, Frequency, and Type
  • Drought and Flood
  • Growing Degree Days - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal
  • Client-defined regional and site-specific forecasts
  • Deviations from normal (quantitative)
  • Historical climate data and statistics
  • Fall Foliage Leaf Intensity and Peak Date Forecasts
Icy Cherries

Weather 2000 in the News

  • BNN [June 2015] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) asks Weather 2000 about talk of a "Super El Nino", and its impact on the Atlantic Hurricane season and record-breaking drought in California.
  • BNN [March 2014] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) interviews Weather 2000 about the cold, harsh Winter transitioning to a hot Summer 2014, and the associated stress of heat, drought & tropical storms on the prices of natural gas, agriculture and other commodities.
  • BNN [November 2013] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) interviews Weather 2000 about the impacts of the early winter storm on travel, retail sales, and commodities like wheat, as well as the long-range winter forecast for Canada and the United States.
  • CME Group OpenMarkets [May 2013] - The CME Group turns to Weather 2000 to understand how long-term drought affects corn and wheat growing regions in the Mid-West and Plains.
  • Fox News : Your World with Neil Cavuto [July 2012] - As the Summer unfolds, Weather 2000 prepares viewers for the continued hot temperatures nationwide.
  • WNYU Radio [March 2010] - Weather 2000 discusses the brutal winter, other current weather topics, and what to expect this Spring and Summer.
  • Barron's [September 2009] - Weather 2000 warns that El Niño generalizations will catch many off guard for the Winter and Spring seasons.
  • CNN: Lou Dobbs Tonight [June 2008] - Weather 2000 informs viewers on the impact of a cool Spring and hot Summer on corn prices.
  • Fox News : Your World w/ Neil Cavuto [August 2007] - Weather 2000 discusses how the remnants of Hurricanes can cause flooding impacts thousands of miles away from where it makes landfall.
  • FOX News Live [April 2006] - Weather 2000 discusses the deadly and destructive tornadoes across the Midwest and warns viewers about potential impacts to our nation's crops.
  • FOX News: Your World w/Neil Cavuto [September 2005] - Weather 2000 discusses the billion dollar economic impact of heat waves and drought, and how Summer 2005 ranks among the most intense.
  • [November 2005] - Weather 2000 highlights the frequency and economic impact of Hurricanes along the Gulf Coast this year for readers of Bloomberg.
  • CNN: Lou Dobbs Moneyline [June 01] - Weather 2000 discusses the impact global warming will have on the drought-sensitive countries such as Brazil, China, North Korea, and South Korea.
  • Wall Street Journal [September 99] - Weather 2000 analyzes the 1999 U.S. Drought, and its impact on the Fall Foliage Season.
  • Futures Magazine [June 99] - Weather 2000 discusses Summer 1999 weather patterns and their impact on the Grain Markets
  • Wall Street Journal [September 98] - The Dow Jones Leaf-Peeping Index
  • Additional entries on the press page