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Degree Day Projections

WEATHER 2000 provides a wide spectrum of weather forecasts to our clients, including model-derived degree day projections. Data alerts are provided in column-based, tab-delimited text files, emailed immediately to your inbox. Contact us today to obtain weather forecast data for use in your business and market research.

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Model-derived Degree Day Projections

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Government quality control

Weather observations in the U.S are taken at least daily, but occasionally these data may be missing or contain human, instrumentation or computer errors. NCDC compiles, filters and quality-controls NWS observations, making the data "Official" within a few months.

Additional data "cleaning" and adjusting

Recently there has been a lot of attention focused on the idea of "cleaning" weather data-sets. Many weather stations have experienced temperature trends and alterations in their surroundings and micro-environments throughout their history. However, this should all be considered within the realm of climate variability. In most instances, data outliers and extreme outliers should not be adjusted or excluded when conducting statistical analyses on historical weather data-sets. All data points play an essential role when determining potential climate outcomes and when calculating standard deviations.

Q: Understanding that the margin of confidence in a seasonal forecast can be 100's of degree days, is it really essential to clean/normalize the historical data, or is it better to primarily make subjective adjustments to the forecast?
A: Taken in this context, a fraction of a degree [as caused by daily data cleaning and adjustments] will not make a significant difference to a monthly temperature average or to seasonal degree day calculations. Rather, a subjective adjustment to the forecast should probably be made. Subjectivity has an important place in long-range seasonal forecasting.

- Accredited to Dr. Daniel S. Wilks, Professor of Statistical Meteorology, Cornell University.

Your Source for Weather & Climate Data

WEATHER 2000 provides a wide spectrum of weather & computer model data to our clients. Our experienced climatologists and meteorologists have worked for the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), possessing a comprehensive knowledge of government weather records and observational procedure.

Contact us today to obtain forecast weather data and historical climate data for use in your business and market research.