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Health & Psychology

Specific areas of interest

  • Influenza & Swine Flu
  • Allergies, Asthma & Respiratory Illness
  • Heatwave Related Illnesses
  • Disease Prevention
  • Pesticide Businesses
  • Crime Analysis and Prevention

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Other Information

  • Zika Virus and the Weather : article
  • Asthma Brought on by the Weather : article
  • Swine Flu and the Cat Bond Market : article
  • Migraines triggered by warmer weather and pressure changes: article
  • Weather affects heart-attack risk : article
  • NY Disease outbreak a weather related warning : article
  • Cold weather skin care : article

Research, Analysis and Forecast Services out to 1 year

  • Historical research and analysis
  • National, Regional, or Site-Specific Forecasts out to 1 year

Weather 2000 in the News

  • BNN [June 2015] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) asks Weather 2000 about the increased threat of mosquitos and West Nile virus following flooding rains.
  • Pix11 [May 2013] - Weather 2000 comments on a new climate study projecting heat-related deaths in Manhattan to rise with Global Climate Change.
  • Fox News : Your World with Neil Cavuto [November 2012] - Weather 2000 forewarns Neil Cavuto of health risks due to additional power outages from heavy snow on trees and powerlines as a new nor'easter bears down on a region recovering from Superstorm Sandy.
  • [April 2010] - Weather 2000 prepares's readers for the possibility of uncooperative weather conditions for the cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • WNYW-TV [November 2006] - Weather 2000 explains how the Indian Summer weather is leading to poorer air quality, and what it means for average New Yorkers.
  • Kernersville News [Jan 2004] - Weather 2000 advises readers of a cold, dry winter season in an article on skin care.
  • Good Housekeeping [November 2003] - Weather 2000 collaborates with Eucerin & Aquaphor to help prepare Americans for this coming winter's harsh skin conditions.
  • WABC-TV [July 2001] - Weather 2000 advises viewers of the health dangers posed by summertime heat & humidity, pollution, and strong sunshine on a WABC-TV weather special.
  • New York Post [March 2000] - Weather 2000 assesses how the weather will impact the allergy season for the New York Post
  • Additional entries on the press page